An interesting thing about AI. Today the British Chancellor Jeremy Hunt, married to a Chinese women from Xian, gave a major speech on the economy to Bloomberg in London. Apparently, the introduction was written by AI... what message does that send and by / from whom?

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It's absurd that you support the frankly Orwellian Clearview over the much more banal OpenAI. The former is a leap towards a dystopian police state where every face and person is indexed and tracked, the latter is a set of actually useful tools.

"Clearview takes what people have voluntarily placed in the public domain and uses those photos to keep the larger public safe"

Guess I can dig through your garbage, it's public property after all. What utter bullshit! As if it's at all just to waive the right to privacy of every person who has ever happened to stumble into a public photo... selling people's faces to the police—that is low, low, bottom feeder level low, man.

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